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Keeping tube measurements safety and comfortably documented in 17 different languages.

Scanning, measuring, capturing data: This is how mobile data logging works with smartphones. With the new free Draeger-Tubes app, you can record, archive and evaluate your measurement results in just a few steps.

Before the measurement, the barcode is scanned on the test tube packing or the order number is entered manually. This ensures the clear identification of the selected Draeger-Tube. A graphical representation of a used and an unused Draeger-Tube provides you with assistance in the interpretation of the measurement results.

Additional functions increase safety. The protocols can be supplemented with additional information such as photos, geographic and meteorological data. Thanks to the possibility of a personalized user profile, the protocols are automatically provided with your company logo, the user’s name and job title. You will not have to re-enter these data for every measurement.

All measured data can also be displayed graphically as an option. The user has the possibility to create concentration-time, concentration-location or concentration-tube diagrams.

The app saves all protocols reliably. Via the communication or file sharing apps installed on the smartphone, such as e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS, Dropbox, etc., the data can be forwarded as a PDF file quickly and easily. It is thus possible to issue recommendations for action even from remote locations on the basis of the measurement results. For comprehensive documentation, you can also summarize individual protocols to reports and forward them.